Combining minimalism with a grotesque aesthetic, Youthful Peoples is a Portland jewelry company that fields a collection of never before seen handmade silver rings, silver necklaces and silver bracelets for youth, teens and young adults.

All YP pieces are dreamed up, designed, rendered and cast in sterling silver in the heart of Portland.

In 2016, YP was born with its signature sterling silver bullet necklace in the shape of a .22 shell, stoneless signet ring, silver cuff bracelet, apology band and burnt matchstick necklace.    This year, the motel signet ring, the sterling silver grill necklace, finger ring, another silver bullet necklace in the shape of a.45 shell casing, broken femur necklace and men's choker add breadth to the signature look.

All Youthful Peoples jewelry is produced start to finish by Jake Krisky, a high schooler in Portland, Oregon.